08 Sep 10

The world’s most effective campaign?

The world's most effective campaign?

Now let’s get one thing straight – Pastor Terry Jones (pictured above) is a dangerous nutbag and his Burn a Koran Day is hateful, idiotic and ill-directed at every level. But, wow!, there’s a kind of evil campaign genius at work here.

His Dove World Outreach Centre, with its measly membership of 15 people, now has hundreds of thousands of people viewing its videos on You Tube.

His book, Islam is of the Devil, is the number one search suggestion on Amazon.com when you type in the word Islam, and is the 13th best selling book on the subject of Islam. (Just think about that for a second… 13th!!!)

And his ridiculous mug is on the front cover of newspapers and websites across the world.

No wonder he’s not backing down from Burn a Koran Day – he’s getting some pretty good business out of it!

As an ethical communications agency, Provokateur obviously finds the whole thing both troubling and fascinating. It’s an *evil* campaign – but it’s getting results! (If by “results” you mean sowing hatred and rage across the world…). It might seem cynical and crass to say it, but evil seems to be quite a good campaign strategy these days.

Remember when  Anjem Choudary, leader of Islam4UK, told the world that he was planning to parade down the streets of Wootton Bassett with 500 supporters carrying empty coffins? Islam4UK probably had the same number of supporters as the Dove World Outreach Centre, but all of a sudden Choudary was on Newsnight, Islam4UK was on the frontpage of every newspaper and his message of hate was being broadcast across the world. And Choudary all but admitted that the whole parade was more a rhetorical boast than an actual plan.

But it worked. The man – and his message – was bloody everywhere. He won. He got just what he was after. Just as Pastor Terry Jones is no doubt smirking to himself at the end of every CNN interview.

Evil campaigning? Hmmm… maybe there’s something in it.

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