11 May 10



Having finished my three week placement, I’ve been asked to write quick blog post to let you all know what life was like as a intern at Provokateur!

Firstly, the studio reflects everything about Provokateur; there’s nothing boring or standard about it. From their musical ring-tone to a Jellybean machine and framed dead tarantula; it’s a big collection of really cool stuff, and safe to say genuinely a fun and inspiring place to work.

The Provokateers themselves are a great bunch and, despite how busy they were, all bent over backwards to accommodate me. Over three weeks I learnt masses from them and never felt like a nuisance despite my far from great Adobe skills.

During my placement I got to work on loads of different projects, from print stuff to web and animation. The Octavia Promise branding project was a perfect opportunity to improve my Illustrator and Photoshop skills, by making use of Darren, Jamie and Chris’s technical expertise. It was interesting to see the relationship between client and designer and follow a whole project from the initial stages to the final design.

I spent my second week working on mainly web-based stuff, which was great as I’d never considered that side of design before and found it really interesting. Pat and Warren taught me loads about websites and HTML and helped me set up a Wiki site about the content management system, Drupal.

My final week was spent playing with After Effects and Flash. It was such a great opportunity as I was allowed the time to teach myself a program I had never used before and create a moving logo that I was really proud of. I know if I was in the Studio at Uni I would have given up around coffee time, but working alongside everyone else bought out a determined side in me.

Other highlights included Creative Friday’s; The studio takes one Friday afternoon off a month to do something fun! We went to Somerset house to see a Graphic Design fair, followed by a trip to the pub which was great. I also got the chance to star in an in-house photo shoot supporting a very large, transparent, itchy, sequined dress for a branding project. This experience should have been humiliating, but as Darren and Pat had previously donned the dress, it was a really funny afternoon! I think the chances of Provokateur working on a job where dressing up in a gold lamé dress is essential, is slim, so I wouldn’t let it put you off getting a placement!

Aside from all the technical stuff I’ve learnt, it was really interesting to be part of the studio and understand what’s involved with the job and just how hard everybody works. The main thing I have taken way from the experience, other than a lovely card and some yummy chocolates, is their infectious enthusiasm, I’ve left Provokateur feeling more focused than ever. If you’re looking for a placement opportunity, look no further!

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